Student projects

The Section for Proton Conductors offers student projects within the groups research area.

Normally it is possible to vary the duration and level of a given project, and it possible to do bachelor, master and special projects within the topics listed below: 

Polymers for Fuel cells and electrolyzers

  • Development of improved ionic conducting materials/polymers
  • Processes for casting of ionic conducting membranes
  • Nanoclay as additives in membranes
Electrodes and catalysts for fuel cells and electrolyzers
  • Manufacturing of catalysts and fuel cell electrodes
  • Development of improved catalysts for fuel cells
  • Optimization of electrode manufacturing using ultrasonic spray techniques
Fuel Cells: tests and durability
  • Test and characterisation of fuel cells (performances, lifetime, operating conditions)
  • Statistical analysis of data from multiple fuel cell tests
  • Studies of degradation mechanism in fuel cells, with impedance spectroscopy
  • Studies of degradation mechanism in fuel cells using SEM
  • Studies of degradation mechanism in membranes using spectroscopy

Optimisation of PEM fuel cells for alternative fuels (e.g. methanol or DME)


Integration of fuel cells with a reformer (converts fuel to hydrogen)


Surface coatings

  • Surface coatings for implants
  • Electrochemical studies
  • Electrochemical synthesis using membrane reactors
  • Electrochemical flue gas filters (using a PEMFC as a membrane reactor)
Literature studies

The above project head lines are suggestions for possible projects, if you are interested in a different project that is not covered above, you are more than welcome to contact one of the group members, to inquire if a project to your liking can be set up.


Qingfeng Li
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Irina Petrushina
Associate Professor
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Erik Christensen
Senior researcher
DTU Energy
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